a Mended Soul by Tom Wasinger ( December 1, 2017)

A Mended Soul is a collection of solo instrumental guitar pieces composed and compiled over the 45 year career of three-time Grammy-winning musician/producer Tom Wasinger. Tom has toured the world from Carnegie Hall in New York, to the Cemal Resit Rey Concert Hall in Istanbul. As an artist and producer Tom has a discography of over 45 titles to his credit spanning a 32 year period.

Some of the pieces were inspired by physical locations such as the deserts of Northwestern Colorado (No People, No Roads), and the beauty of Hornby Island in British Columbia (The Gloaming at Grassy Point). Genetic Love Song was inspired by the work of artist Raymond Maurice, and Requiem for Milo was written for a baby boy lost in childbirth. The remaining pieces sprang from less defined points of reference. 

The son of a singer from the 1940’s big band swing era, Tom began playing at the age 7 after his father traded a gun for his first guitar. Having grown up on the music of the 60’s there was never any question as to what his calling in life would be. 

As a multi-instrumentalist Tom has built and collected hundreds of instruments from around the globe, but he always circles back to the guitar as the musical tool closest to his heart.

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